Dell EqualLogic – New Volume

The following will show how to create a new volume on a Dell EqualLogic and present it to a Windows server using MPIO.  Login to the group with an account with the relevant permissions.  Choose Volumes at the bottom left hand side.  Right click Volumes – Create volume


Give the volume a name and choose the storage pool.  Choose the size of the volume along with any snapshot reservations

eqlnewvol02  eqlnewvol03

Configure the iSCSI access either with a configured access control policy or a basic access point.  If you choose not to configure here it can be configured later.

eqlnewvol04  eqlnewvol05

I will be presenting this to a Windows server, my access point will be the initiator name on the windows server.  Open iSCSI initiator on the server and under Configuration tab it will show the initiator name


Go back to the newly created Volume – Access – Add basic access point.  Add a CHAP account if required and add the initiator name


Go back to the Windows server – iSCSI Initiator – Discovery – Add.  Enter the group discovery IP address


If using CHAP select Advanced.  Enter the CHAP details


Volumes will now appear, if CHAP is required each volume will be listed as Inactive until the advanced options are added as above.


To enable MPIO select the volume, as the volume is connected tick Enable multi-path box – Advanced.  From advanced add the the CHAP account details and choose the Local Adapter and Initiator IP to specify a single NIC.  Repeat this for each NIC / path

eqlnewvol11  eqlnewvol12

Now select the Properties of the volume and notice the multiple paths


Run a rescan in disk management and the new volume will be available

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