HP / ESXi AMS Driver Error

Recently came across this error with HP hardware and particular AMS module version.  VMware KB hits the nail on the head found here.  In my case the host was running Linked-Clone VMs, existing VMs were responsive but all new recomposes failed to power up any VM.  The host was responsive but you cant configure it or even enable SSH.  If the HP host is running any of the following AMS modules it will need to be upgraded to version 10.0.1.

  • hp-ams 500.9.6.0-12.434156
  • hp-ams 550.9.6.0-12.1198610
  • hp-ams 500.10.0.0-18.434156
  • hp-ams-550.10.0.0-18.1198610

If the modules can not be upgraded the work around is to remove the vib.  The following will list the steps for the work around

Error reported during a recompose operation


Error reported when enabling SSH on the host.


Shut down any running VMs, disable any provisioning / desktop pools then reboot the host.  Once it is back up enable SSH and list the installed AMS module vib.

>esxcli software vib list | grep ams

If you are running one of the affected versions remove it

>/etc/init.d/hp-ams.sh stop

>esxcli software vib remove -n hp-ams


Reboot the host


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