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New Role, New Focus 1

TL:DR I’m joining Rackspace as an AWS Architect For people that know me and for the people that have visited this site previously will know my main focus for the last 5-6 has been infrastructure architecture and in particular using VMware as the core foundation.  I have worked on some […]

Configuring AWS Management Console 2FA with YubiKey

Recently AWS announced they will support physical devices to configure 2FA when accessing the AWS console, starting with Yubico’s YubiKey.  So I looked into this and its really simple, I had 2FA previously on my phone using Google authenticator which works fine but a YubiKey is dead cheap.  Available on […]

Nutanix AOS 5.6 Release Details

The following will highlight what is new with AOS 5.6 release, originally pencilled in as a 5.5.1 release but it has now been changed to 5.6. Security Micro-segmentation is now GA via Flow.  This is delivered through AHV, a stateful distributed firewall directly integrated into AHV and managed through Prism […]

Nutanix – Flow Networking

AOS 5.6 introduces a SDN function to the Nutanix platform, in particular – Micro Segmentation. Flow is the initial SDN funtions for Nutanix focused on security.  It only applies to AHV and it built into the hypervisor during deployment, its not installed after the fact that is managed in Prism Central.  […]

Nutanix X-Ray Introduction

I recently had a great product update via the Nutanix NTC group and I wanted to do the following post to introduce Nutanix service X-Ray.  X-Ray fits into Nutanix vision of a low touch experience for the end user, whether thats from the sizing through to deployment and even expansion […]

vRetreat 2018

This year I had the pleasure to be invited to the second ever vRetreat event in London organised by @PatrickRedknap.  The first event looked a lot of full, it was held at Silverstone F1 track and included a driving experience with a selecting of performance cars so when I got invited […]

VMware on AWS 2018 Update

Today VMware announced the recent updates to the VMware Cloud on AWS service.  The main update is the general availability of the service to run out of AWS region London and with it, Frankfurt will soon follow.  Something people have known about but its now available in London. The next […]