Dell EqualLogic – Delete Member

Dell EqualLogic’s can be configured to work as a group and share storage in a storage pool.  Volumes can then be configured from the storage pool and stretch across the members.  The following will should how to remove a active member and move the live data onto a remaining member. […]

Dell EqualLogic – Remove VMFS Volume

The following will show the procedure to remove a volume.  This example the volume is a VMFS volume presented to ESXi hosts.  First remove the volume from the ESXi hosts. To do this first migrate any live VMs running on the VMFS datastore and also browse the datastore to check […]

Dell EqualLogic – New Volume

The following will show how to create a new volume on a Dell EqualLogic and present it to a Windows server using MPIO.  Login to the group with an account with the relevant permissions.  Choose Volumes at the bottom left hand side.  Right click Volumes – Create volume Give the […]

Dell EqualLogic – Initial Setup

Setting up a new Dell EqualLogic is straightforward first connect a serial cable to the active controller and log in with the default credentials Username – grpadmin Password – grpadmin Select to configure the array and allow for the initial initialisation    Once complete enter the member name for this array […]

EMC Data Domain Initial Setup

The following is a quick guide for the initial setup of a Data Domain 2500 appliance.  These appliances are great for deduplication and great for a backup repository such as Veeam.  Details of the appliance can be found here. If you have a EMC account download the install guide here To do […]