Nutanix AOS 5.6 Release Details

The following will highlight what is new with AOS 5.6 release, originally pencilled in as a 5.5.1 release but it has now been changed to 5.6. Security Micro-segmentation is now GA via Flow.  This is delivered through AHV, a stateful distributed firewall directly integrated into AHV and managed through Prism […]

Nutanix – Flow Networking

AOS 5.6 introduces a SDN function to the Nutanix platform, in particular – Micro Segmentation. Flow is the initial SDN funtions for Nutanix focused on security.  It only applies to AHV and it built into the hypervisor during deployment, its not installed after the fact that is managed in Prism Central.  […]

Nutanix X-Ray Introduction

I recently had a great product update via the Nutanix NTC group and I wanted to do the following post to introduce Nutanix service X-Ray.  X-Ray fits into Nutanix vision of a low touch experience for the end user, whether thats from the sizing through to deployment and even expansion […]

Nutanix Acropolis 4.5 – GA

Nutanix have made Acropolis 4.5 generally available from October 15th 2015.  Features for the latest realease include Cloud Connect for MS Azure (integrate Nutanix backup on prem with public cloud – now supports MS Azure) Erasure Coding (now GA in 4.5 – capacity optimisation solution called EC-X, reports it can […]

Nutanix Sizer

I have recently been involved in becoming a partner for Nutanix and completed the NPP certs.  Its pretty cool tech and I can only see the hyper-converged market getting stronger over the next few years.  Once you are a partner you have access to the partner portal / support portal […]