App Volumes

App Volumes 2.x Upgrade

There isnt a direct upgrade process for App Volumes but the process is fairly simple, it needs to be removed first then reinstalled while using the same database.  The following will illustrate the upgrade process from v2.9 to 2.10. App Volumes 2.10 release note are found here First remove App Volumes […]

App Volumes 3.0 – Deployment

VMware App Volumes 3.0 is out and is different from previous 2.x versions, the first noticeable difference is App Volumes is now running as a Virtual Appliance and once its deployed the integration isnt quite as slick as the previous version.  The following will illustrate the deployment process. Release notes […]

App Volumes 2.10 Announced

App Volumes 2.10 has been announced offering some great features, due end of this quarter.  The biggest feature for me is Replication Groups across vCentre – this was a stumbling block in designs that required two sites.  Nice to see it added For all the features see here

App Volumes – Import AppStacks

The following shows how to import a AppStack to another site.  There maybe a scenario where you have another site such as DR that has its own App Volumes server and you need to import existing AppStacks over.  There a good blog here on the different scenarios.  It is possible to have […]

App Volumes – AppStack example

The following is a quick an easy example of creating an AppStack in App Volumes.  App Vols is an awesome product thats straight forward to use.  App Vols is available as a standalone SKU, a part of Horizon Enterprise and as part of the VMware Horizon Application Management Bundle. App […]