Configuring AWS Management Console 2FA with YubiKey

Recently AWS announced they will support physical devices to configure 2FA when accessing the AWS console, starting with Yubico’s YubiKey.  So I looked into this and its really simple, I had 2FA previously on my phone using Google authenticator which works fine but a YubiKey is dead cheap.  Available on […]

VMware on AWS 2018 Update

Today VMware announced the recent updates to the VMware Cloud on AWS service.  The main update is the general availability of the service to run out of AWS region London and with it, Frankfurt will soon follow.  Something people have known about but its now available in London. The next […]

AWS North East User Group – March 2018

Recently myself and @alburns73  contacted AWS to revive a user group in the North East of England.  The group was active but appeared to have closed down.  AWS cannot be ignores these days, thats clear for all to see even for an infrastructure guy like myself.  with that in mind, the past […]