Monthly Archives: March 2018

Nutanix X-Ray Introduction

I recently had a great product update via the Nutanix NTC group and I wanted to do the following post to introduce Nutanix service X-Ray.  X-Ray fits into Nutanix vision of a low touch experience for the end user, whether thats from the sizing through to deployment and even expansion […]

vRetreat 2018

This year I had the pleasure to be invited to the second ever vRetreat event in London organised by @PatrickRedknap.  The first event looked a lot of full, it was held at Silverstone F1 track and included a driving experience with a selecting of performance cars so when I got invited […]

VMware on AWS 2018 Update

Today VMware announced the recent updates to the VMware Cloud on AWS service.  The main update is the general availability of the service to run out of AWS region London and with it, Frankfurt will soon follow.  Something people have known about but its now available in London. The next […]

AWS North East User Group – March 2018

Recently myself and @alburns73  contacted AWS to revive a user group in the North East of England.  The group was active but appeared to have closed down.  AWS cannot be ignores these days, thats clear for all to see even for an infrastructure guy like myself.  with that in mind, the past […]

Veeam Vanguard – Class of 2018 4

Today I woke up to a great email from @RickVanover  this morning announcing I have been selected for the Veeam Vanguard program class 2018.  The Vanguard program stared in 2015 and I have been keen to join since, the group is very active and includes a lot of community champions around the […]