VMware Identity Manager – Reset Root Password

The following will illustrate how to reset the root password for vIDM.  During the setup you will set admin and ssluser  passwords which can be changed in the admin page but you cant reset the root password the same way.  Luckily to reset the password its fairly straight forward but the appliance does require a reboot.  Reboot the appliance and when the bootloader screen appears you must press on the SUSE Linux option.

Once pressed your will be prompted for a password, enter the following password, this was using version 2.8.


Select the first option and enter e key.

You will then be prompted with a startup line, enter the following.

>single init=/bin/bash

Confirm and enter b key.

Once booted enter the following.

>passwrd root

Then add the required new password.

Once changed enter.

>shutdown -h -n now

Reboot the appliance and boot as normal, password has now been changed.



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