VMware UEM v9 Upgrade

VMware UEM version 9 has recently been released and the following will show how easy it is to upgrade from a previous version.  To install UEM from scratch see my previous post here.  

VMware’s documentation can be found here

The upgrade process is fairly simple – first upgrade the agent on the desktops then upgrade the management console followed by upgrading the UEM templates and ADMX templates.

First we’ll start with the desktop, im using linked clone desktops so I would update the gold image.  Download the media and run the installer


Point the installer to the same location and only select the VMware UEM FlexEngine

uemupgrade902  uemupgrade903

Point the installer to the v9 license file and select Upgrade

uemupgrade904  uemupgrade905

Once installed notice the new version number


Take a snapshot and recompose the desktop pool

Now connect to the management server an upgrade the console.  Run the same setup as above but this time select VMware UEM Management Console then choose Upgrade

uemupgrade907  uemupgrade908

Once complete open up the management console.  Click through all the Flex configuration files containing Application Templates or Windows Common Settings to have them automatically update to the new version


Notice some of the new v9 features such as Folder Redirection and Horizon Policies



Finally update the ADMX templates to the latest version.  Delete the old templates and import the new ones found in the downloaded install folder


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