Monthly Archives: December 2015

NSX 6.2 – Update Host VIBs Manually

The following illustrates how to install the required vibs for NSX 6.2. First download the .zip, browse to the below depending on your ESX version.  This post will be related to vSphere 6.0 vSphere 6 – https://NSX-Manager-IP/bin/vdn/vibs-6.2.0/6.0-2984108/ vSphere 5.5 – https://NSX-Manager-IP/bin/vdn/vibs-6.2.0/5.5-2983935/ CLI To update using the CLI extract the .zip file […]

NSX Manager 6.2 – Lookup Service Error 8

Do you have Platform Service Controller (PSC) or vCenter configured and replaced the self signed machine certificates?  Are you looking to deploy NSX Manager 6.2?  If so you must consider the following. NSX Manager can be configured to use Lookup Service and you can provide SSO credentials to register NSX Management Service as […]