Monthly Archives: November 2015

Veeam and DD Boost – Results

My previous post showed how to setup a new DD appliance and integrate with Veeam using DD Boost see here Now to show the juicy results.  In my setup I have three Veeam servers backing up to local disk as a tier 1 repository then a Backup Copy job to the […]

Configuring Veeam with DD Boost

Previously I posted how to configure a new EMC Data Domain 2500 appliance with DD Boost enabled here. I will now illustrate how to configure Veeam to use DD Boost.  DD Boost provides more efficient backups by distributing parts of the deduplication process to the backup server.  Veeam can be configured […]

App Volumes 2.10 Announced

App Volumes 2.10 has been announced offering some great features, due end of this quarter.  The biggest feature for me is Replication Groups across vCentre – this was a stumbling block in designs that required two sites.  Nice to see it added For all the features see here

EMC Data Domain Initial Setup

The following is a quick guide for the initial setup of a Data Domain 2500 appliance.  These appliances are great for deduplication and great for a backup repository such as Veeam.  Details of the appliance can be found here. If you have a EMC account download the install guide here To do […]

Lunch and Learn

Recently at work the sales team had a great idea and started to host lunch and learn events every few month.  These are open to anyone and the idea is to do a talk and/or demo’s on particular subject.  They usually involve a SITS Group consultant and a vendor is usually […]