vRealize Operations Manager for Horizon Installation

This blog will show the steps to install and configure vROps for Horizon.  First install vROps following this and update the certificates following this then download the View Adapter .pak file from VMware’s portal.  Download it and store it locally.  Open vROps management page and go to Configuration – Solutions – + button to add another solution.  Select the downloaded View Adapter file and choose “Upload”.  This will take a few minutes to install


Once imported highlight “VMware Horizon” and select configuration.  Add a new View Adapter.  Add a display name and a Adapter ID.


Add new credentials – give the credentials a name and create a server key.  This key will be used on the View Broker Agent when you pair them up


Once added, on the same vROps page go to “Licensing”.  Add your “vRealize Operations Manger” license key and your “VMware vRealize Operations for Horizon” license key.  Make sure they validate and are correct.  Nothing will be collected if the licenses are not installed.

rops2 rops3

Now you need to a new License Group.  Click on the “License Groups” tab and edit .  Select “VMware Horizon Solution Licensing” this is the group that appears for “VMware vRealize Operation for Horizon”


Define the membership as the following


Do the same for the the “Product Licensing” group this group appears for “vRealize Operation Manager” but define the membership as the following


Now you need to install the vRealize Operations View Broker Agent.  Download it from VMware’s portal and upload it to your View Connection server.  This needs to be done for each Connection server you have.  First install .NET Framework 3.5 from Features if its not already installed


Once .NET is installed run the vRealize Operation View Broker Agent installer.  Add your vROps server details and the key you setup previously


Select Pair and make sure its successful


Add your Horizon details


Add your View Event database details


Choose to specify desktop pools or leave blank to include all


Once complete open the program from All Programs – VMware vRealize Operations View Broker Agent Settings.  Select the “Test” button to make sure it connects ok


Hit Apply and Close


You will now see the data collecting from the Solutions panel


Now go back to Home and you will see data starting to pull in.  Give it time and the data will all start to show up


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