Atlantis USX – License Capacity Violation

After rebooting a host running Atlantis USX, the appliance failed on boot up and mounting its configured volumes.  After working with Atlantis support (who were very efficient) it appears its a known issue with this version of USX, version  The error reported is “Error – License Capacity Violation” although there were licenses available it would prevent the appliance mounting its volumes.  The bootstrap file needs to be replaced with a later version that ignores this error and continues to boot.  If you have this problem contact Atlantis support but here is the steps on how it was fixed.

Error reported.


Available license capacity.


Talk to Atlantis and they will provide a later file.


Use WinSCP to upload the new file to /opt/milio/atlas


Backup the original bootstrap.pyc file, either copy off from WinSCP or connect to the appliance via SSH and run the below.  Log in as poweruser.

>cp bootstrap.pyc{,.bak}


Once backed up compile the new bootstrap file, still logged in via SSH run the below.


Once complete reboot the appliance and now it should boot full and present the volumes to your host.  The volume will appear as online and healthy


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