Monthly Archives: August 2015

App Volumes – Import AppStacks

The following shows how to import a AppStack to another site.  There maybe a scenario where you have another site such as DR that has its own App Volumes server and you need to import existing AppStacks over.  There a good blog here on the different scenarios.  It is possible to have […]

Atlantis USX – License Capacity Violation

After rebooting a host running Atlantis USX, the appliance failed on boot up and mounting its configured volumes.  After working with Atlantis support (who were very efficient) it appears its a known issue with this version of USX, version  The error reported is “Error – License Capacity Violation” although there […]

HP / ESXi AMS Driver Error

Recently came across this error with HP hardware and particular AMS module version.  VMware KB hits the nail on the head found here.  In my case the host was running Linked-Clone VMs, existing VMs were responsive but all new recomposes failed to power up any VM.  The host was responsive but […]

App Volumes – AppStack example

The following is a quick an easy example of creating an AppStack in App Volumes.  App Vols is an awesome product thats straight forward to use.  App Vols is available as a standalone SKU, a part of Horizon Enterprise and as part of the VMware Horizon Application Management Bundle. App […]