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Sophos SSVM Deployment

Sophos Anti Virus can be deployed to use vShield Endpoint.  First install vShield and enable Endpoint for each ESXi host that is hosting VMs that need protecting, steps can be found here. Sophos Enterprise Console must configured on the network with a VMware vShield network share, this share for the latest updates. Enterprise […]

vShield Endpoint Installation

Using AV products in a View environment with Linked Clones has always been debatable, agents on each machine caused issues checking in and pattern file update storms.  A viable solution is to use vSphere Endpoint.  From vSphere 5.0 onwards Endpoint has been included in every license edition.  This can be used […]

vShield Manager 5.5 Certificate 3

Certificates are not enjoyable but its always a good practice to deploy them.  vShield Manager isnt the most intuitive when updating certificates below is the steps.  Keep in mind the follwoing You organisation has a CA and PKI infrastructure You have permissions to request certificates and have access to the […]

IGEL UMS Block USB Mass Storage Device

IGEL units will pass through USB devices for the View session.  Its possible to block this from a UMS policy whilst also having the granularity of allowing USB devices that are required such as headsets.  Blocking a USB device is fairly straight forward, open the UMS console and login Choose […]

VMware Mirage 5 Cluster Deployment

At the time of writing version 5.4 is available to download but the following is based on 5.1.  Mirage can be deployed in a cluster environment and for larger deployments I would recommend this approach to give the redundancy and flexibility needed.  The following is what you will need to […]


More then 10 years in the IT industry, ranging from support to consultancy roles.  I have experience in many different software and hardware vendors, I thought it time to start to document some of this experience.

My role these days is a Technical Consultant for a VMware partner in the UK.  Mainly focused on VMware products both datacentre and EUC areas.  I am involved in the full project life cycle from pre sales to delivery.

My personal life revolves around my family, my beautiful wife and two wonderful kids.  They keep me crazy busy.  I enjoy a spot of golf where I can fit it in as well as trying to keep fit.


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