Guest Blogging

I have been lucky enough to be asked to do some blogging as a guest for vendors and for my employer, this page will list the published articles with a brief description.


An article on vSAN 6.6 and Veeam 9.5 integration.  I go over the architecture of vSAN 6.6 as well as the benefits to running HCI in the Enterprise.

Insight (Employer)

An overview of next-gen backup solution Rubrik and covering its architecture.

My first AWS post for Insight, looking at CloudWatch and its benefits to the op teams

My post around NSX-T and its business value

My take on the new features in NSX 6.4.0.

My take on Infrastructure as Code and the benefit that brings to the datacentre, covering Terraform and AWS CloudFormation.

Insight have invested in a customer facing lab, this article goes into the lab in more detail.  No doubt some of the lab build will end up on this blog.

This article is my take on the new VMware AppDefense product, a really interesting security product that looks for changes in the application using a known good state.

This one covers WorksapceONE and the benefits it can bring to any EUC solution.

This article covers the benefits to the business when running a secure Software Defined Datacentre (SDDC) using NSX.  I cover the use of NSX in a VDI environment.

This article covers the real benefits of SDDC – automation.  This is a high level business value article, a SDDC should be focused around automation, if the SDDC is not automated the true benefits cannot be achieved.

Similar to the Veeam article but less focus on Veeam.

My take on one of the biggest use cases of NSX – Micro-segmentation.

My first Insight article around the time of a large ransomware attack in the UK covering ways to prevent attacks.