VCAP6-DCV Deployment – Objective 2.3 – Troubleshoot Complex Storage Solutions

Main Study Page Objectives 2.3 are broke down as the following Analyze and resolve storage multi-pathing and failover issues Troubleshoot storage device connectivity Analyze and resolve Virtual SAN configuration issues Troubleshoot iSCSI connectivity issues Analyze and resolve NFS issues Troubleshoot RDM issues This objective will come down to experience more […]

VCAP6-DCV Deployment – Objective 1.4 – Perform Advanced Virtual Machine Configuration

Main Study Page Objective for 1.4 are broke down as the following Tune Virtual Machine disk controller configurations according to a deployment plan Configure .vmx file for advanced configuration scenarios Configure a virtual machine for Hot Add features Upgrade virtual machine hardware and VMware Tools Troubleshoot virtual machine deployment issues […]

VCAP6-DCV Deployment – Objective 1.2 – Deploy and Configure Core Management Infrastructure Components 3

Main Study Page Objectives for 1.2 are broke down as the following Deploy vCenter core components according to a deployment plan: Deploy and Configure a Platform Services Controller (PSC): Determine use case for embedded vs external PSC Re-point a vCenter Server Appliance to another External PSC Deploy and Configure Identity […]