App Volumes 3.0 – Deployment

VMware App Volumes 3.0 is out and is different from previous 2.x versions, the first noticeable difference is App Volumes is now running as a Virtual Appliance and once its deployed the integration isnt quite as slick as the previous version.  The following will illustrate the deployment process. Release notes […]

VMware UEM v9 Upgrade

VMware UEM version 9 has recently been released and the following will show how easy it is to upgrade from a previous version.  To install UEM from scratch see my previous post here.   VMware’s documentation can be found here The upgrade process is fairly simple – first upgrade the agent […]

App Volumes 2.10 Announced

App Volumes 2.10 has been announced offering some great features, due end of this quarter.  The biggest feature for me is Replication Groups across vCentre – this was a stumbling block in designs that required two sites.  Nice to see it added For all the features see here

VMware User Environment Manager Installation

VMware purchased a company called Immidio earlier in the year for their personna management software and have since released it under VMware User Environment Manager (UEM).  I have been interested in this and started first using it from the day it was released to see how it compares to other […]

App Volumes – Import AppStacks

The following shows how to import a AppStack to another site.  There maybe a scenario where you have another site such as DR that has its own App Volumes server and you need to import existing AppStacks over.  There a good blog here on the different scenarios.  It is possible to have […]