AWS North East User Group – March 2018

Recently myself and @alburns73  contacted AWS to revive a user group in the North East of England.  The group was active but appeared to have closed down.  AWS cannot be ignores these days, thats clear for all to see even for an infrastructure guy like myself.  with that in mind, the past 12 months I have been getting to grips with AWS and all things “cloud”.

User groups for me, and if you have seen previous posts on this blog you will have noticed, are key activity to not only dive deeper into the tech but to also meet peers that are working with the tech and hear real world stories.  Seeing as there wasnt a local AWS user group for me to attend, myself and @alburns73 decided to get the group rebooted and form the AWS North East User Group.

I also help organise a local VMware user group but the workings of the groups are entirely different.  To join the group you must first register for the Meetup and watch out for the events.  We plan to run bi-monthly events where possible.

Our first meeting was last night, March 2018 meetup.  We had great support from AWS and a local community speaker.

First up we had Ric Harvey @ric__harvey doing a deep dive into Route53

We then followed up with a community session on containers, what to consider when running on AWS and the services available from Steve Drew @steevedrew 

Finally we had Andrew Wood @andymwood  talking Workspaces and AppStream 2.0

Thanks to all that attended and thanks to our sponsors for providing refreshments and pizzas!  Our sponsors for the event were HTG @HTGUK



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