Nutanix Technology Champion

Recently it has been a privilege to be announced a Nutanix Technology Champion.  Nutanix was something I first started to work with when NOS 4 was released, I was really impressed by the tech and completed the NPP to be able to partner up.  More so then ever im talking to customers about HCI solutions with Nutanix and vSAN the main contenders.  The NTC group is a full of big names and top players in the Nutanix world and its great to be apart of that group for this year.

Already Angelo Luciani who heads up the programme has been very active, there is a slack channel for all members, a group email every week with updates and in two months we had two calls on updates around Nutanix.  This is how these groups should be run – lots of info for the members.

Im hoping to get out to .NEXT in New Orleans this year to get involved further.





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