VMworld Europe 2017 – Partner Day

It was that time of the year again – VMworld Europe in Barcelona.  I always enjoy this event with great sessions and a great community presence, this year I was selected for a blogger pass which gave some extra access to certain areas.  With a blogger pass however, you dont get access to the partner day even though I do work for a partner so I spent the partner day getting my barrings on the new layout and catching up with the community.  There was some of the sessions that I managed to attend though,

My first session I attended was Whats new with the latest release in Workspace One.  I purposely stayed of the main track and wanted to pick up the little snippets of information I missed from last year, after all the main sessions can be watched again offline which I plan to do.  This session was great for me as I havent been able to keep up to date with Workspace One and I must say the vision and plans for this look amazing.

Further out of the box integration with Office 365 and web / SaaS apps is welcomed and further conditional access policies have been added.

Some future announcement around machine learning looks very interesting to be able to predict anomalies, look forward to digging into that further.

With the new version it will be possible to manage Dell endpoints directly, the endpoints such as laptops will come with an AirWatch agent and can be managed with Workspace One.  Could this spell the end of Mirage??  Devices can be automatically provisioned, apps can be then delivered with security policies applied as well as firmware management.

There was also mention of a Windows 10 migration support.

Another session I grabbed was around DevOps, something I have an interest in now and more of an understanding following my VDM experience.

It was a good session on what DevOps means as the term is branded around a lot these days, the what and the why.


After going through the many DevOp tools out there and how its difficult to manage those manually the presentation went on to how vRO can be the tool to bring it all together as part of the SDDC model.

A fairly quiet day but still a very useful one followed by some of parties on the evening ready for the big day 1.



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