vRealize Operation Manager 6.6 Announcement

Recently I attended a session as part of the VMware blogger early access program.  This session was an update to the vRealize Operations suite and announcing vROps 6.6, this post will highlight some of the new features.  The new key messaging was “Intelligent Operations – from applications to infrastructure helps customers plan, manage and scale their SDDC and mulit-cloud environments.

 vRealize Operations Manager 6.6 Highlights

  • New HTML 5 user interface!  Look sweet and blends nicely with the other products.


  • Quicker Navigation – new “Getting Started” dashboard helps you navigate to the correct dashboards by role such as “Operations”, “Performance Troubleshooting” and “Configuration and Compliance”.
  • Accelerated Remediation – Persona-based dashboards.


  • Out of the box integration with vSAN – includes centralised management across stretched clusters, confirm vSAN readiness and performance and capacity monitoring.


  • Out of the box integration with vRealize Log Insight – this is awesome! Full integration in-context, direct launch into logs from the dashboard, alerts auto-initiated from log management.


  • Also further out of the box integration with vRealize Automation (vRA) and vRealize Business Cloud (vRBC).


  • Automated workload balancing – includes Storage vMotion, DRS, Predictive DRS and initial placement based for vRA workloads.


vRealize Network Insight 3.4

Further announcement was around vRNI 3.4, highlights are as follows.

  • AWS added
    • Micro-segmentation planning by AWS VPC, Security Groups and Tags.
    • AWS EC2 VMs to user defined applications.
    • Visibility for AWS VPCs, EC2 VMs, flows and AWS security groups.
    • Troubleshoot traffic in AWS.
  • Physical and Virtual troubleshooting
    • Paths between VMs with underlying Layer 2 network visibility.
    • Enhanced traffic and security analytics to include physical servers.
  • Further deployment flexibility
    • Logs can be integrated with vRLI
    • Customisation of alerts


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