Horizon 7.2 Announcement

This year I joined the VMware EUC Champion group and I must say out all of the community groups I have been involved with the updates I get from this group have been the best, maybe because its a smaller group but either way its a fantastic group to be apart of.  Recently we had an update on Horizon and the announcement of version 7.2.

This new version had a lot of cool new features

First up the new HelpDesk feature, a tool designed for front line support that dont have Horizon experience but need to check users sessions.  It provides real-time sample stats and doesnt require any additional agent.

It comes in a cool new HTML5 interface.

Scaleability had been improved for Cloud Pod Architecture and vCenter maximums.

Next up the big one, Skype for Business is GA!  This is available for Windows client and needs a virtualisation pack for Skype installed as part of the agent install.

The important architecture looks like the below.

The following is what is and what isnt supported though with this version.

Finally updates to Blast Extreme and HTML access.

For an incremental version thats a lot of cool updates as Horizon continues to grow and offer a solid EUC solution.  Its now GA


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