Horizon 7 – Connection Server Deployment

Recently I have been getting some hands on deployment for Horizon 7.  The deployment is very similar to v6, following will illustrate the first part which is the Connection Server.  The Connection Server acts as a broker for the client connections, it will authenticate users through AD and direct the user to a virtual desktop.  Make sure the VM that will be used for the connection Server is sized correctly for your environment – refer to the docs

Horizon 7 documentation can be found here

Download the Connection Server media and run the installer


Choose a install location

7con02  7con03

Chose the type of Connection Server you want to install.  I will be installing a Standard Connection Server as the first instance.  Install Replica Servers to create a group that will replication the stored LDAP between Connection Servers.  Security Servers are deployed externally facing and are paired with internal Connection Servers.


Enter a data recovery password and choose to configure the Windows firewall automatically.

7con05  7con06

Add a AD group used for administrator accounts and install

7con07  7con08

Once installed the login page will be on the desktop or browse to https://servername/admin.  First thing to do will be to add the license, go to View Configuration – Product Licensing and Usage – Edit License 


You need to change the default certificate to a trusted that is relevant to the environment.  To use a certificate from an interal Microsoft CA is straight forward, first requests the certificate the same way you would for any other Windows server and edit the Friendly Name to be set to vdm then restart the Horizon services.


The final set up task is to create an Event Database which is used to record event on your Connection Server – events such as logon successful / failures and desktop pool errors.  In my example I am using a SQL server.  First create a new SQL login as the connection server requires a local SQL account.


Then set up a new database and assign the newly created SQL account as the owner of the database.


Go to the View admin page – View Configuration – Event Configuration.  From here add the server details with the instance details along with the newly created database and account details.  Im using the default SQL port 1433 but change the port to match your environment.


Once added the initial install steps are complete now move onto adding vCenter details, adding Composer details, pairing Security Servers and creating desktop pools.

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