Nimble Virtual Array – Deployment

Recently Nimble released a virtual appliance running NimOS – fully working Nimble array as an appliance.  Great for testing and learning before using the real thing.  You have to work for Nimble or be a partner to get access.  If you are a partner then great!  Download it from InfoSight.  It requires a license key that does validate with InfoSight over the internet and lasts 90 days.  Obviously this is not for production use but great for training.

If you are not a partner this is what it looks like

Download the .ovf file and import it into Workstation


It will import as below, leave as is for now and power on.  It must be on a bridged interface and be able to receive a DHCP address.


Let the VM boot and enter the product key, you can get the key from InfoSight.  The appliance will reboot.


Once booted enter setup and follow the prompts to set the basic IP information.  Note – from this point this process is the same as a physical Nimble array

NVA-04  NVA-05

Once finished browse to the configured IP address and login.  Set the IP details for management and data.  The virtual array is only available in iSCSI


Add domain settings and time details

NVA-07   NVA-08

Add the support details, for the virtual array this is not important then finish.  Once finished you will be directed to the home page.  Notice Controller B is offline – the appliance is only has 1 controller


Now I can create new volumes, initiator groups, volume collections for backup and replication as well as pulling all the reporting you get from a physical array.  Fantastic appliance for demo’s or learning new features.

I can now connect my hosts to the volumes by changing the VMnet interfaces to my iSCSI network.  I wont go over the process of presenting volumes to the host.

NVA-13  NVA-14

DISCLAIMER: The Nimble Virtual Array:

  1. Is for your non-production use only
  2. Must not be distributed to third parties
  3. Must not retain or store third party data of any kind. In the event third party data is placed on the Nimble Virtual Array, you are required to wipe such data prior to any subsequent demonstration or training

For other vendor appliances to use in a lab see

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