NSX Manager 6.2 – Install New Certificate

The following will illustrate how to update the self signed certificate on NSX Manager 6.2.  I am using a Windows 2012 CA.

First we need to generate the request.  Log on to the NSX manager and log in as Admin.  go to Manage – SSL Certificate – Generate CSR


Enter the required details


Click OK to this and save the request to your machine.  Browse to your CA http://servername/certsrv and login.  Choose Request a certificate – advanced certificate request – submit a certificate request by using a base-64-encoded CMC or PKCS #file….  copy and paste the details out of the request previously created either using Notepad or Notepad ++


Click Sumit and save the as Base-64. Browse back to http://servername/certsrv and click Download CA certificate.  Again select Base 64 and save to the local machine.  from your local machine open a command prompt and browse the directory where these files are saved.  Enter below – change the file names to match yours

copy certnew.cer+root.cer nsxmanager.cer


Go back to your NSX Manager – Manage – SSL Certificate – Import.  Select the new .cer file


All being well it will import


Reboot the appliance.

Once rebooted you can browse to your NSX Manager with the correct certificate


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