NSX 6.2 – Update Host VIBs Manually

The following illustrates how to install the required vibs for NSX 6.2.

First download the .zip, browse to the below depending on your ESX version.  This post will be related to vSphere 6.0

vSphere 6 – https://NSX-Manager-IP/bin/vdn/vibs-6.2.0/6.0-2984108/vxlan.zip

vSphere 5.5 – https://NSX-Manager-IP/bin/vdn/vibs-6.2.0/5.5-2983935/vxlan.zip


To update using the CLI extract the .zip file and copy the .vib file to the /tmp folder on your ESXi server.  I used WinSCP to copy it over


Connect to the host using SSH and login as root.  Run the following.  Note – no reboot is required

esxcli software vib install –no-sig-check -v /tmp/VMware_bootbank_esx-vsip_6.0.0-0.0.2984108.vib

esxcli software vib install –no-sig-check -v /tmp/VMware_bootbank_esx-vxlan_6.0.0-0.0.2984108.vib

hostprep02  hostprep03

Once complete the host will be enabled


To remove the vibs manually run the following.  Note – a reboot is required

esxcli software vib remove -n esx-vxlan

esxcli software vib remove -n esx-vsip

Update Manager

It is also possible to do this through Update Manager but the process takes a bit longer.  First import the downloaded .zip file as above and import this under Web Client – Update Manager – Manage – Patch Repository – Import Patches

hostprep05  hostprep07

Now create a new Baseline.  Go to Web Client – Update Manger – Manage – Host Baseline – New Baseline.  Create this as a Host Extension and choose the imported extensions

hostprep08  hostprep09

Once created attach the new baseline to the host

hostprep11   hostprep12

Choose the host and choose the correct patch

hostprep13   hostprep14

Choose the remediation options and complete.  Note – this doesnt require a reboot

hostprep15   hostprep16

Once complete the host will be enabled


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