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Recently at work the sales team had a great idea and started to host lunch and learn events every few month.  These are open to anyone and the idea is to do a talk and/or demo’s on particular subject.  They usually involve a SITS Group consultant and a vendor is usually present that will also do a presentation.

Details of the event here

Today was a Horizon VDI deep dive which I presented, my piece was around the Horizon Enterprise suite and the benefits of products such as AppVols and UEM including demo’s.  The vendor for today was Atlantis and was presented by Andrew Wood @gilwood_cs, this covered USX (storage appliance based in RAM, RAM is presented as NFS – great for VDI desktops) and Hyperscale (Atlantis’s Hyper-converged offering).

Atlantis USX – details here

Atlantis Hyperscale – details here

If you are interested in any future events please contact SITS Group for more information here

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