Configuring Veeam with DD Boost

Previously I posted how to configure a new EMC Data Domain 2500 appliance with DD Boost enabled here.

I will now illustrate how to configure Veeam to use DD Boost.  DD Boost provides more efficient backups by distributing parts of the deduplication process to the backup server.  Veeam can be configured to take advance of this process by using a DD Boost repository.  Veeam installs a DD Boost library that communicates with the DD appliance which results in only unique data being transferred to the DD.

Rick Vanover has a good white paper on using Veeam and DD Boost see here

Now the DD is configured you simply create a new repository in Veeam.  Go to Backup Infrastructure – Backup Repositories – Add Backup Repository.  Give the repository a name and a description.  I am using the DD appliance as a tier 2 long term storage repository.  Select Deduplicating Storage Device as the repository type.  Then select EMC Data Domain

ddboost1  ddboost2  ddboost3

At this point we point the repository to the Data Domain.  I am using Fibre Channel so I must select the tick box labelled Use Fibre Channel (FC) connectivity then add the Data Domain name configured.  You must now add the account assigned for DD Boost by selecting the Add button and entering the same credentails added to the DD previously.  The Gateway Server is the Veeam server that will do the work, it can be a remote proxy as long as the server can see the DD over the fabric.  This gateway server will run the client that talks direct to the DD using DD Boost.  Once this is filled in select Next – if this doesnt connect check the username and password is right and check the fabric is zoned in correctly to see how to configure the DD see here

ddboost6  ddboost4

If the username and password are correct and the gateway server can see the DD over the fabric the wizard will move onto Repository settings.  Select Browse to select the correct location on the DD.  The wizard will display any configured Storage Unit.  Storage Unit is a type of MTree that is used for DD Boost.  Select the one you want and choose how many concurrent processes you can use.  Notice if you select Advanced the repository is pre set to decompress the data blocks before transferring to the DD as recommended

new6  new7  new8

Once complete you will see the repository listed under Backup Infrastructure – Backup Repositories.  You can point Backup Jobs / Backup Copy Jobs  straight to this.


My next post will be the juicy testing and comparing the results with different job settings within Veeam.  The recommended jobs settings for Backup Jobs are below for more details see here

Veeam DD Boost settings

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