VMware User Environment Manager – Demo Environment

Its always handy to have a test environment when it comes to managing user persona policies and with VMware UEM its straight forward to set this up.  Once you have this set up with can change your policies as much as you like without affecting production users.

First thing you want to do it to copy your running FlexEngine GPO.  Open Group Policy editor and find the FlexEngine policy – right click – copy.  Then paste this under Group Policy Objects folder – name the policy that indicates its for a demo.  Preserve permissions when prompted.


Create a new OU and link demo GPO to this OU.  This OU will be used for testing so if you have any test machines move them into this OU.  Link any required GPOs that you may need.  When using Linked Clones in View I prefer to have a test pool, I would deploy this test pool to this OU.

Now jump onto your UEM server, you want to create a new folder to hold the configuration for the demo environment.  Depending on your setup create a new folder next to the production UEM configuration folder.  I created a folder called “UEM Configuration – Demo” and shared it out


Open your UEM Management console and click on the star button in the top left then select Configure Environments.  Select to Add a new environment.  Give it a name like Demo and point to the UNC path of the new folder / share you created


Notice this is a new configuration.


You can create a new config, setup a Easy Start demo or you can copy your production configuration.

To copy your production config close the UEM Management console, browse to your demo folder and delete the files, copy and paste the files from your production configuration folder then just start the UEM console and pick the demo environment.  The policies you have in production will be imported free for you to test.

The final step is to go back to your demo GPO and change the FlexEngine settings to point to your demo configuration folder.  In my example I would change the FlexEngine to \\uem01\UEM Configuration – Demo\general.  User’s redirected folder and UEM archive locations can stay the same.  Save these settings, apply this policy to the test computers and login.


Now when you open UEM Management console you can choose which config you want to open – Demo or Production


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