Protect Physical Servers Centrally With Veeam

Veeam Endpoint Backup is available to backup standalone servers typically deployed on a physical server or even your own PC.  A cool feature added in Veeam v8 Update 2 was to manage these endpoints from your Veeam console.  You dont have full control over it centrally but you can run restores and even export to a VMDK.  An option for those sites that still have those physical servers and its free!

First download Veeam Endpoint Backup for free – here

Install this on the server that you need to back up, note this has to be a Windows server.  The install is a straight forward next – next – finish.  It does install SQL Express 2012

Once installed click Configure Backup on the main screen


Select the backup type and source.  In this example I am backing up the Veeam server which is a physical Windows 2012 server.  I only want to backup the OS volume, select show hidden volumes for system state.

Endpoint3  Endpoint4

Before selecting the destination you must set permission on the Veeam repository you want to use as a target.  Open you Veeam v8 console and select Backup Infrastructure.  Right click the repository you want to use and select Permissions.


Add the required accounts, in my case it is a domain security group which the Veeam service account is a member of.  Choose here if you want to encrypt the job or not


Now go back into Veeam Endpoint Backup, add the Veeam server and the Veeam service account who you have just assigned permissions to the repository.  Choose the schedule, at the minute its only a daily schedule.  You can have the endpoint backed up when it is locked or logged off.

Endpoint5  Endpoint6

Once complete start the job and go back into your Veeam console.  Notice there is now a Endpoint Backup job type appeared.



From the Veeam console you can monitor the scheduled jobs and can initiate restores centrally.

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